Menu for the Future

It's not as hard as it looks to convene your own Menu for the Future discussion group.  And it's fun!

How to Convene Your Own Discussion Group

Maybe you don't see a group that works for you.  That's OK.  You can form your own group.  It's not as hard as it sounds.  Conveners are just folks.  Conveners have formed groups at work, at the library, in the neighborhood, among family and friends, and with their bridge club.  Listed below is a description of what's involved in being a Menu for the Future Convener.

The Conveners will:
  1. Choose a time and place for the group to meet.
  2. Register the group.  See below.
  3. Recruit eight to twelve people interested in taking the course.
  4. Work out the best options for having people get books.
  5. Facilitate the first session.
  6. Line up Facilitators and Openers at the first session for each of the remaining sessions.
  7. Keep track of attendance and broker any space or date problems.
  8. Collect course evaluations.
  9. Report back to Menu for the Future Steering Committee.

The Steering Committee will try to provide a farmer or food producer to be part of your group, and a mentor to meet with you the first time.  At the end we’ll pull everyone together to get your collective feedback.

 A video about convening groups can be found on the Northwest Earth Institute site at:


Register a Menu for the Future discussion group of your own.  Copy and paste this form into a document.  Complete the form and send it to

 Name of Convener:

Phone #:


Meeting Place:

Meeting Time:

Do you expect to recruit all of the participants or will you need names of additional interested people?


Do you have a farmer or food producer already lined up or would you like to have one assigned? 


Do you want books to loan* or to sell to participants at $20 each?  How many books?


If using library sets, will you check out a full set or ask each person to check out their own?


Any other questions or concerns?



*Loaned books: We’ll have some books that can be loaned and then returned for another group to use, but the group convener will need to be responsible for keeping track and returning the books or the money.