Menu for the Future

Food Films

The following films are available for use by community groups.  Contact or 216 264-0181 for more information.

Soul Food Junkies: a film about food, family, and tradition

            The film-maker shares his journey to learn more about the African American cuisine known as soul food.  It blends history, humor and heartwarming stories to place this culinary tradition under the microscope.

Killer at Large: Why Obesity is America’s Greatest Threat

Explores America’s obesity epidemic in a way that moves beyond the alarming statistics—two-thirds of the country is overweight or obese—to offer a complex, comprehensive picture.

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

100 pounds overweight, loaded up on steroids and suffering from a debilitating autoimmune disease, Joe Cross is at the end of his rope and the end of his hope. This inspiring film that chronicles Joe's personal mission to regain his health and influences others in the process.

The Future of Food

In-depth investigation into the disturbing truth behind unlabeled, patented, genetically engineered foods. It examines the complex web of market and political forces changing what we eat and explores alternatives to large-scale industrial agriculture.

The Last Farm in Lowell: a motion picture portrait of Rollie’s Farm

Experience a disappearing way of life: the Family Farm. Watch more than 50 years of history unfold on Rollie’s Farm in Lowell, MA.

Forks over Knives

Examines the profound claim that most, if not all, of the degenerative diseased that afflict us can be controlled, or even reversed, by rejecting animal-based and processed foods.

Fresh: New Thinking About What We’re Eating

Outlines the vicious cycle of our current food production methods, while also celebrating the farmers, thinkers and business people across America who are reinventing our food system.

Weight of the Nation

Four-part HBO documentary exploring the consequences, challenges and choices of confronting America’s obesity epidemic.

What’s on Your Plate? (by kids for kids about food politics)

            A witty and provocative documentary about kids and food politics following two eleven-year old city kids as they explore their place in the food chain.